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What Is The Difference Between Double Wave Beam Guardrail And Thrie Wave Beam Guardrail? What Is The Difference Between Double Wave Beam Guardrail And Thrie Wave Beam Guardrail?

Wave guardrail, as we all know, is a kind of guardrail for highway anti-collision. It is the main form of semi-steel guardrail. It is also a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail panels joined together and supported by the main column. But when it comes to double-wave and three-wave waveform guardrails, many people are confused. So what's the difference between double wave beam guardrail and thrie wave beam guardrail?

First, let's learn the thrie wave beam guardrail and the double wave beam guardrail. Double wave beam guardrail means that there are two corrugated guardrails on the guardrail board, each of which is 85MM high. Thrie wave beam guardrail refers to three corrugated guardrail, each of which is 85MM high. What they all have in common is that they are used for highway protection and are the specific classification of waveform guardrails. But there are still big differences.

First of all, the specifications are different. The wave beam guardrail is mainly used to prevent out-of-control vehicles from rushing out of the road. Generally, it is made of galvanized steel sheet. Different specifications are adopted according to different road grades. Different wave beam guardrails have appeared, such as thrie wave beam guardrail and double wave beam guardrail.

Secondly, there are functional differences. The production specifications of the two are different, and the anti-collision grades are different. Double wave beam guardrail has weak anti-collision grade, which is often used in highways that is not very dangerous and rural highways, while three wave guardrail has higher anti-collision grade, which is suitable for more dangerous sections, such as highways, mountain roads and dangerous sections.

Finally, it is the price difference of wave beam guardrail. The thrie wave beam guardrail links are square and bear strong impact force, which is naturally more expensive. The double wave beam guardrail is equipped with circular columns, which are relatively cheaper.
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