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W-shaped Corrugated Anti-collision Guardrail Plate For Expressway W-shaped Corrugated Anti-collision Guardrail Plate For Expressway

Wave guardrail, high-speed guardrail, guardrail, highway anti-collision guardrail, waveform guardrail, W-shaped guardrail, also known as highway waveform beam guardrail, highway anti-collision barrier, bridge guardrail, etc. It can be divided into two wave guardrail and three wave beam guardrail.

Common specifications of waveform guardrail:

Double-wave waveform guardrail: 4320 mm *310mm *85mm *3mm/4mm
Three-wave waveform guardrail: 4320 mm *310mm *85mm *3mm/4mm
Wave guardrail double-wave column: 114 mm/140 mm*4.5 mm*height;
Wave guardrail three-wave column: 114 mm/140 mm*4.5 mm*height;
Column spacing: it is divided into 2 meters and 4 meters spacing;

Connection modes: There are two kinds of connection modes between column and plate: anti-blocking type (nine-orifice plate matching) and bracket type (ten-orifice plate).
Surface treatment: galvanized, galvanized spray;
Dosage: 250 guardrail panels per kilometer for standard section. The column spacing is 4 meters. 250 columns per kilometer, 2 ends, 250 caps, 250 anti-blocking blocks, 250 sets of connecting bolts and 2000 sets of splicing bolts.

Classification of waveform guardrail

Wave beam guardrails are generally classified according to location and collision level. According to the location, it can be divided into roadside fence and central partition fence. According to the anti-collision level, it can be divided into level A and level S. Level S guardrail belongs to the reinforced type, which is suitable for the use of roads with special danger on the roadside. Level A is used for special highways. The commonly used roadside corrugated beam guardrails can be divided into five levels: B, A, SB, SA and SS according to the anti-collision grade.

Product features: It is of good anti-corrosion performance, fast installation. It is anti-aging, beautiful, safe, simple.

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