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The Knowledge Of Fence Netting You Need To Know The 	Knowledge Of Fence Netting You Need To Know

Fence netting netting is also called guardrail. Due to the regional differences, the Southerners are accustomed to call it the isolation grating, while the Northerners are accustomed to call it the fence netting. China's fence netting netting is mainly divided into: garden fence netting netting, railway fence netting netting, bridge fence netting netting, highway fence netting netting, sports fence netting, airport fence netting and so on(It's extremely versatile).

According to the types, it can be divided into: frame fence netting, triangular bending fence netting, bilateral wire fence netting, double circle fence netting, wavy fence netting, stadium fence netting, blade bayonet-fence netting, bayonet fence netting, PVC coated wire fence netting and so on(Diversification of types).

Powder immersion method is usually used to prevent corrosion of highway fence netting. It originated from fluidized bed method. The so-called fluidized bed was initially applied to oil contact decomposition in Winkler gas generator, and then people developed a solid-gas two-phase contact process. Later, and it was gradually applied to metal coating. So sometimes it is still called "fluidized bed coating method". The actual process is to add powder coatings to the bottom porous air permeable container (flow tank), which is fed into the treated compressed air by the blower from the bottom, so that the powder coatings can be turned into "fluidized state" and become uniformly distributed fine powder. The painting process of highway fence netting is completed in two stages: The first stage is fixed bed stage and the second stage is airflow conveying stage. On the basis of fixed bed, the flow rate (W) continues to increase, the bed begins to expand and loosen, the height of the bed begins to increase, and each powder particle is floated, so it moves away from the original position to a certain extent. and then it enters the stage of fluidized bed at this moment. The bc section shows that the height (I) of the powder layer in the fluidized bed increases with the increase of gas velocity, but the pressure (△P) in the bed does not increase, and the flow rate varies within a certain range without affecting the unit power required by the fluid. This is the characteristic of fluidized bed, which is used to carry out the coating process. The uniformity of powder fluidization in fluidized bed is the key to ensure uniformity of coating. The fluidized bed used in powder coating belongs to "vertical fluidization". The fluidization number must be found out by experiment. Generally, it is fine that it can be coated. The suspension rate of powder in fluidized bed can reach 30-50%.

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