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The Concept And Application Knowledge Of Safety Guardrail The Concept And Application Knowledge Of Safety Guardrail

Safety guardrails (including anti-collision buffer facilities) mainly refer to municipal guardrails, traffic isolation guardrails, W-type guardrails on expressways (wavy guardrails)

The main functions of road guardrails are as follows:

1. It can prevent vehicles from going out of the way or prevent out-of-control vehicles from crossing the central partition into the opposite lane.

2. The trajectory of vehicle collision barrier should be smooth transition. It makes the vehicle return to the normal direction, and reduces the possibility of secondary accidents.

3. Once the uncontrolled vehicle collides with the guardrail, it can reduce the damage to the driver and passengers.

4. It can guide the driver's vision so that drivers can clearly see the direction and outline of the road.

Anti-glare facilities:

It refers to an artificial structure that prevents the interference of dazzling headlights of the opposite vehicle when you drive at night.

It can be divided into slab, fan-shaped anti-glare board, anti-glare net, anti-glare shed and other structural forms.

The anti-glare facilities are mostly located in the section with high accident rate at night, sections with higher traffic flow at night, especially in sections with high mixing rate of large trucks and small cars and sections with small bend radius.

Isolation and closure facilities:

It refers to the facilities that prevent people and animals from entering and crossing freely and occupying land illegally. Isolation and closure facilities can effectively eliminate lateral interference and avoid traffic delays and accidents.

The isolation and closure facilities are mostly located on the highways passing through towns and suburbs, rural fairs, villages and schools with dense population or livestock activities on both sides of the road.

Road lighting facilities:
It refers to the facilities that transmit good visual information to road users, which improves night driving conditions, traffic capacity and reduce traffic accidents.

Road lighting facilities are mostly located at road intersections, railway and highway intersections, pedestrian sections and a section of a road where population gathers or roads change greatly.

Line of sight guidance facilities:

It refers to the facility for drivers to judge the direction of the road beyond the sight distance, especially at night, under the conditions of heavy rain, fog and snow on the road, which can guide drivers to grasp the direction correctly.
Line-of-sight guidance facilities include outline markers, road buttons, and linear guidance markers.

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