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Installation Installation


Setting out the post(column)

  • According to the design to set out the post for bridge, tunnel, culvert, and interchange.
  • In order to put the post accurately and ensure the linear shape, the intersection shall be checked and closed.
  • After setting out the post should investigate the surface state of each post, if there is in the pipeline, drainage should change the position of the post or change the putting method in time.

The installation of the beam:

  • When installation the wave beam, it's stitched together by bolts. The key to the installation is the splicing direction of the corrugated beam.  And the direction should be consistent with the driving direction.
  • Waveform girder during the installation process should be continuously adjusted, thus connecting bolt and splicing bolts should not be early to tighten so that during the installation process using the waveform of beam slotted hole to adjust in time, make them form a smooth line, avoid the local bump.
  • the top surface of the corrugated beam should be coordinated with the road vertical curve during installation.Check the line shape of the guardrail, and then tighten the bolts when the alignment is straight and smooth.