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W-beam Steel Guardrail W-beam Steel Guardrail

The corrugated steel w beam guardrail is a road safety product used to protect and isolate highways. It is a necessary guarantee for highway safety driving. It plays a role in preventing vehicles from driving off the carriageway, reducing the degree of driver injury and protecting roadside objects. Safe and efficient driving for highway vehicles.

1. According to stress characteristics points: it can be divided into a rigid guardrail, such as concrete or reinforced concrete guardrail, semi-rigid guardrails - such as w beam guardrail for sale, and flexible fences - such as cable guards.

2. According to its setting place, it can be divided into a roadside guardrail, central divider guardrail and bridge guardrail. In accordance with the anti-collision grades, the roadside barriers can be divided into B, A, SB, SA, SS grades. And the central divider guardrail can be divided into Am, SBm, SAm grades. The strengths of the guardrails of the same grade are the same. If the basic conditions and deformation conditions permit, it should be selected the guardrail form with the least damage to the occupants and the vehicle and with most beautiful appearance.

Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized, cold galvanized, sprayed, dipped, cold sprayed zinc.
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