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Tips on Handling The Surface of Highway Guardrail Tips on Handling The Surface of Highway Guardrail

The protection of the guardrail products is divided into four categories: galvanized, aluminized, galvanized (aluminum), plastic coated and plasticized. In rural and less polluted areas, separate hot dip galvanized or separate protective spray guards can be used. Whereas in heavy industrial areas or coastal urban areas, especially where there is acid rain, ordinary hot dip galvanized or sprayed singles fence panels may lose their usefulness after they have not reached their useful life, resulting in a significant increase in the maintenance cost of the fence. For hot-dip aluminum guardrails, the corrosion resistance is better than that of ordinary hot-dip galvanized guardrails. However, because of the application, technology, cost, and environmental impacts, they are not widely used. The use of a hot dip aluminum spray protection system is an uneconomical method compared to hot dip zinc spray protection systems. Using the double protection system of galvanized steel plate spray can achieve good anti-corrosion effect in heavily polluted areas, especially in acid rain areas, and the service life is greatly extended.

On the highway, we see the green, blue and silvery white guardrails. These are treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Only in this way will the guardrail have a longer service life and have a visually beautiful effect. The surface treatment of highway guardrails is to increase the service life of corrosion protection, so the surface treatment methods are also varied.

1, galvanizing processing :

Galvanized treatment is a common treatment for the surface treatment of the guardrail. The galvanizing treatment is divided into hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing. In general, hot galvanizing is used because the service life of hot galvanizing is longer than that of cold galvanizing. The zinc-treated surface is silver-white.

2, plastic processing:

Dip treatment is also the most common method for the surface treatment of guardrails. After the surface treatment is completed, it is the green and blue guardrails that we have seen.

3, galvanized plastic treatment:

The galvanized dipping treatment is to do the galvanized surface treatment of the guardrail board first and then perform the dip treatment under the precondition of galvanized treatment. The purpose of this is to improve the service life of the guardrail board, so that the guardrail board can be more adapted to the use of harsh environment. the general choice of this kind of surface treatment is in northern cold regions.
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