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The Warning And Aesthetic Features of W-Beam Guardrail The Warning And Aesthetic Features of W-Beam Guardrail

1. Highway waveform fence barrier function: Traffic obstacles will block bad traffic behavior and hinder pedestrians, bicycles or motor vehicles from trying to crossroads. It needs a certain height of the w-beam guardrail, a certain density (pointing column), but also a certain degree of strength.

2. Separation function of highway guardrails: The traffic w-beam guardrail separates the traffic space between motor vehicles non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. The roads are separated into longitudinal sections, divided into motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrian-only lanes, which has improved traffic safety and traffic order.

3. Warning function: The outline of the waveform guardrail on the concise is clear through installation, which warns the drivers should pay attention to the presence of the w-beam guardrail, the pedestrians, and non-motor vehicles so that they can avoid traffic accidents.

4. Beautiful features: Through the different materials, forms, shapes, and colors of the wave guardrail, the harmonious coordination with the road environment can be achieved. Urban traffic barriers are not only simple isolation on the road, but also the key is to express and transmit urban traffic flow, traffic information, establish traffic rules, maintain traffic order, and make urban traffic safe, fast, convenient, orderly, and smooth.
Semi-rigid high-speed guardrails are widely used in road safety facilities due to their advantages of large resistance, long service life, convenient installation, and convenient maintenance.

In conclusion, the w-beam guardrail is important to traffic control. You can buy w-beam guardrail for sale at Shiteng, the best w-beam crash barrier manufacturer!!
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