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The Precautions of The Road Guardrail Installation The Precautions of The Road Guardrail Installation

When we walk on the spacious and clean roads, what attracts us are not only the pedestrians and vehicles on the road but also a beautiful, stylish urban infrastructure. It is the road guardrail. Road guardrails are very common on urban roads. Some of them are located on both sides of the road, and some are located in the center of the road, which gives people a feeling of cleanliness and beauty and also adds a lot to the urban environment.

The road guardrail is generally made of steel tube, steel plate, aluminum alloy, plastic steel and other materials, the installation of road guardrail can be a good way to prevent damage caused by the accidental collisions, but also play some of the roles of the mark. The guardrail has a lot of columns. Its columns are fixed by the expansion bolt and the ground. In the construction period, the interval of the columns is determined according to the characteristics of the road. In order to meet the aesthetic requirements, the steel welding must conform to the standard and the welding position should be accurate.

The road guardrail requires not only stability but also good appearance. So the joints of the guardrail must be handled accurately when welding, and there must be no wrong joints or cracks. After welding, the surface should be smooth, the interval of the guardrails should be the same, and the height should be unified. The consistency of the color should be paid attention to as well. Otherwise, it will give a person a kind of patchwork. The requirement of the top surface should be beautiful and smooth. The arrangement of the road guardrails should be in order. No dead corners or shapes that will affect appearance.

A scientific design should be done when the road guardrail is installed. The length and interval of the guardrail should be determined according to the specific road conditions. The color and shape of the guardrail should also be coordinated with the surrounding environment with the function of beauty and nature. The height, intensity, and density of the guardrail can be appropriately increased or reduced under the standard number on the premise that it is beautiful and practical.

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