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The Effects of the Strike Block in Automotive-Guardrail Collision The Effects of the Strike Block in Automotive-Guardrail Collision

Highway guardrail is an essential traffic safety facility, according to the effects of the strike block of the  automotive anti-collision guardrail. Now we have some optimal designs, the conclusions are as follows.

1.Through the analysis of striking block mechanics, the proposed energy absorption effect and anti deformation ability can better help to achieve the optimization scheme of the striking block.

2.To set up a file [1] about the finite element model of the impact test of fence system. The numerical simulation results and the experimental data show that the impact simulation parameters of the fence system are reasonable and reliable.

3.Through the way of quantitative simulation optimization to improve the effect of block collision performance.
The enhanced resistance to deformation of the optimal control is becoming stronger, the speed of the variable shape is slow, so the drag effect of the neck column can be reduced, and the optimization module can make the smaller deformation and make more collision energy.

4.The numerical test is caused by the actual vehicle collision, the installation and optimization of the retaining wall can reduce the of the small resistance of the vehicle, and the vehicle can go through the column, continue going through the fence board. The changing fence structure can absorb most of the sub-region energy, which can reduce the vehicle loss in order to get better protection of the vehicle;

5. In order to save the costs, the modeling of the guardrail system simplifies the calculation of sub components, replace the bolts with rigid joints, and bury them in concrete columns without considering their deformation.

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