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  • Parking Obstacles Plastic Road Cone FeaturesParking Obstacles Plastic Road Cone Features2019/06/11Plastic road cone overview:Plastic road cones, also known as traffic cones, reflective road signs, etc. It is a common transportation facility product, which is often used in highway intersections, to...view
  • The Material and Use of the Farm Net FenceThe Material and Use of the Farm Net Fence2019/06/04Farm net fence material: The coil net is first welded with high-quality galvanized low-carbon steel wire, and then the surface of PVC or PE and PP powder is vulcanized. It has the characteristics of s...view
  • Introduction and Characteristics of Highway FenceIntroduction and Characteristics of Highway Fence2019/05/28The highway fence is the most important transportation infrastructure. China's highways have developed from the 1980s. It plays an important role in the development of the national economy and society...view
  • Stainless Steel Clad Pipe Guardrail and Other Highway Steel GuardrailStainless Steel Clad Pipe Guardrail and Other Highway Steel Guardrail2019/05/21Stainless steel clad pipe guardrailStainless steel clad pipe guardrail is also called stainless steel pipe, which is divided into stainless steel and stainless steel composite pipe. The stainless stee...view
  • Characteristics of Zinc Steel GuardrailCharacteristics of Zinc Steel Guardrail2019/05/14The traditional guardrail uses iron bars and aluminum alloy materials, and needs to be processed by means of electric welding. Moreover, the traditional guardrail has a soft texture, is easy to rust, ...view
  • The Principle and Classification of Expressway GuardrailThe Principle and Classification of Expressway Guardrail2019/05/07The expressway guardrail is the main form of the semi-steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure in which corrugated steel guardrails are spliced to each other and supported by the main column. The...view
  • Road Obstruction PriceRoad Obstruction Price2019/04/3050cm high construction road obstruction sign tube or reflective traffic road sign warning cone: If the order quantity is more than or equal to 10, then the price is 30 yuan / only.Marking bucket, rubb...view
  • Waveform Beam GuardraiWaveform Beam Guardrai2019/04/23The waveform beam guardrail (commonly known as the wave guardrail) is a type of semi-rigid combination guardrail. It is made up of a combination of corrugated plates, columns, and anti-blocks. It is i...view