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Do you really understand the guardrail ? Do you really understand the guardrail ?

First. The main features and uses of the highway guardrail 

The folding of the highway guardrail increases the aesthetics, and increases the strength of the fence at the same time, both of which are obtained; The automatic production line is extruded and formed, the surface is clean and free of damage, and the corrosion resistance is extremely strong; The surface treatment is mature; It has features such as anti-corrosion, anti-aging, resistance to bask, resistance to high and low temperature etc. The service life in the outdoor environment can reach 10-25 years. The product structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, install, good anti-theft performance, hardly limited by the actual terrain. It is particularly adaptable and affordable for the mountain, slope, and more bent strip, which is suitable for large areas.

Second. What is the protection principle of the Waveform guardrail board - hot dip galvanized guardrail plate armor layer?

For a long time, the reason why the steel plate is hot-dip galvanized is because zinc can form a thin film with good corrosion resistance on the surface in a corrosive environment. It not only protects the zinc layer  but also protects the steel base. Therefore, the steel after hot-dip galvanizing greatly extends the service life. The service life is related to the layer and the environment in which it is located. This can be confirmed by atmospheric corrosion tests on hot dip galvanized sheet.

Third. Introduction to the main components of the waveform fence

The waveform guardrail is composed of two wave beam steel guardrail plates and two guardrail post clamped between the two. The two guardrail posts are fixed between two corrugated steel guardrail boards. When the highway is in normal operation, the guardrail can be easily inserted into the preset insertion holes in the opening by using the plug-and-pull steel column, which functions as isolation and protection. At the same time, it is in line with the guardrail belt on the outer side of the road. It is uniform and beautiful. When the vehicle collides with it, because the corrugated steel guardrail has good crash worthiness and energy absorption, it is not easily crashed, and it can also play a good role in protecting the vehicle and passengers. When road is maintained or other reasons need to be communicated, it is convenient to pull out and remove the columns of the guardrail columns at the opening to open a passage for the passage of vehicles.

Fourth. what aspects does waveform guardrail need to pay attention to? 

1). The construction preparation should be sufficient and the location of the construction section should be accurately located. The lofting should be precise and the error is within the specified range.
2). The column construction should be strict and serious with its verticality, spacing, bolt hole position and other dimensions.
Wave guardrail’s production and construction
should meet the requirements. It needs immediate rework if it doesn’t meet the requirements. 
3). Packaging and markings of components such as corrugated beam plates and columns shall comply with the regulations. The guardrail shall not be bulked during purchase, and shall ensure that the product will not be deformed or damaged during the process of lifting, transporting or stacking. It should be fixed and reliable during transportation to prevent damage to the coating or deformation of the components due to bumps.
4). The construction of the guardrail should be cautious and must not damage the cables, pipes and other facilities buried under the road surface.
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