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Application of W-beam Guardrail Application of W-beam Guardrail

Highway anti-collision guardrail is mainly used to prevent the uncontrolled cars from rushing out of the road. It is usually made of galvanized steel, it has different specifications according to different road grades. As the wave-form steel guardrail has good crashworthiness, and can absorb the energy generated by the collision, it has good protective effects on the personnel, vehicle and passengers. If there is road maintenance or other projects, open a set of guardrails of the passageway and the passageways to let the vehicles go, which is convenient and quick.

Advantages of W-beam Guardrail

The highway guardrail has the advantages like good impact, low cost, long life service, high safety, environmental protection, etc. It is mainly used as highway anti-collision facilities and isolation facilities.

1. As the guardrail is the main composition of semi-steel guardrails, it is a continuous structure, the corrugated guardrails are spliced with each other and supported by the column.

2. It uses the deformation of the soil, column and beam to absorb the impact energy, forcing the uncontrolled vehicle to change direction and return to their normal directions, thus preventing the vehicle from deviating from the track so as to protect the vehicles and passengers, and reduce the loss caused by the accident.

3. Wave-form guardrail has a strong ability to absorb impact energy, has good visual induction function, it can be aligned with the road and used in the small radius curve, easy to replace when damaged.

W-beam guardrail for sale
 can be used as road guardrails, rural road guardrails, National Road guardrails, forest road guardrails, bridge guardrails, large farm guardrails, factory guardrails and large parking lot guardrails.

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