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Rotary Anti-Collision Guardrail And Roller Barrier For Expressway Rotary Anti-Collision Guardrail And Roller Barrier For Expressway

Rotary anti-collision barrier of expressway can reduce the lateral and longitudinal acceleration of passengers and reduce the degree of deformation and damage of vehicles during the collision process by rotating the barrel. At the same time, the longitudinal force in the collision process is rolling friction, which is much less than the sliding friction between the traditional guardrail and the out-of-control vehicle.

Rotary anti-collision guardrail can shorten the collision time and increase the vehicle speed. Moreover, the resistance becomes smaller during the collision process, which will reduce the difficulty of driver control during the collision process. It can break away from the guardrail as soon as possible, complete the steering process correctly and reduce the risk of secondary accidents.

Therefore, on the premise of guaranteeing the anti-collision performance, the guidance performance and cushioning performance of the rotating anti-collision guardrail have a breakthrough improvement compared with the traditional guardrail products. At the same time, the rotary anti-collision barrier has all-weather induction performance, and the reduction of lateral width requirement can be used as a two-way barrier in the case of limited road width. Rotary anti-collision guardrail has the total deformation length of flexible guardrail and the transverse deformation control of semi-rigid guardrail. Considering the convenience of Engineering application, it is more appropriate to classify the rigidity performance of rotary anti-collision guardrail as semi-rigid.

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