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Remarkable Characteristics of Electrostatic Spraying Steel Guardrails Remarkable Characteristics of Electrostatic Spraying Steel Guardrails

Five significant features of electrostatic spraying steel guardrails:

1.Beautiful appearance: In combination with the novel, fashionable and beautiful features of the PVC guardrail, the color is more bright and lasting, which is a new generation of environmental protection products.

2.High impact strength: Made of high-strength special-shaped steel pipe with high-quality patent design, the comprehensive strength is more than 2000 kg/cm2.

3.Super-long service life: high-quality base material, patented design, exquisite technology, international top-notch polyester color powder coating, strict treatment of 20 processes, service life to ensure more than 50 years.

4. High weather resistance, salt fog resistance, heat and humidity resistance: cold in the north and humidity in the South will not have a negative impact on the use of products. Salt fog resistance and heat and humidity resistance have passed 3500 hours appraisal test by the national authority.

5. Zero Maintenance: Using the top international polyester color powder coating, 20 processes are strictly handled to ensure long-term rust-free, color-stable and self-cleaning.

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