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Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail

The thrie beam highway guardrail (also called crash barrier, road barrier, guardrail barrier, metal beam barrier, etc.) is designed to install on the highway side and help protect the cars from crush out off the road.

The other solid, like utility poles, bridge piers and retaining walls, can also stop the cars. But in these cases, inpact a guardrail would be better than the other solid that without elasticity, That’s why we install the guardrail on road. They lessen the severity of a potential crash and make the driver and passengers safer. The highway guardrail can effect and make the vehicle came back onto the road, reduce the damage caused by accidents.
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In the daily use of thrie beam crash guardrail barrier, the hot dipped galvanized thrie beam guardrail crash barrier is widely used. The thrie beam guardrail crash barrier would be used in highway (freeway, motorway), bridge safety, viaduct security, danger mountain road, etc. to protect people safety and keep the road a long life.

Advantages of thrie beam highway guardrail

1. Safety: the thrie beam highway guardrail is mostly installed on the roadside where is danger and where the car is with high speed, to keep the car is on the right way and the things or animals go into the road, to ensure people safety.
2. High strength: anti-corrosion thrie beam highway guardrail is made of Q235/Q345 steel, it is high strength with toughness.
3. Long life: after cold rolled, the thrie beam highway guardrail will do hot dipped galvanized in the zine pool with high temperature, improves its antioxidant capacity and corrosion resistance.
4. Eco-friendly: the Q235/Q345 steel, the material of thrie beam highway guardrail, is recyclable and reusable. It can be made the other products once the guardrail is changed and recycled.
5. Easy install and repair: bots and nuts assembly, the thrie beam highway guardrail is easy to install and change the guardrail beam.
6. Beautiful views: we can do powder spray with different color on the thrie beam highway guardrail, make it more beautiful and suitable with the road sight.
7. Cost-effective: compare with the other crash barrier (roller barrier, plastic barrier and so on), the steel highway guardrail is cheaper price and longer life.

Hot dipped galvanized VS cold galvanized

• After hot dipped galvanized (zine coated), the highway guardrail corrosion resistance ability is dozens of times of cold galvanizing.
• Hot dipped galvanized, means it is done with high temperature to make the zine coated more better than cold galvanized.
• The hot dipped galvanized enhance the adsorption capacity of zinc, made a thicker zine layer and strength the corrosion ability.
• Hot dipped galvanizing is all plated zine coated, it can protect the highway guardrail completely.
• The zine layer of hot galvanizing can keep longer than cold galvanizing.

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Product Name thrie beam highway guardrail
Material Q235(SJ235R), Q345(SJ345R) steel
Zine Coating 550-1100g/㎡(84-145μm galvanized), or request
Color 3.0mm,4.0mm, as request
Thickness (±0.015) 4130/4320/4318mm, request size
Length 506mm, 510mm, customized size
Width 310mm, 312mm, customized size
Wave Height 81-85mm, as standards
Theoretical Weight 76.5kg for guardrail beam(3.0m)
Technology Cold Rolled
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized
Applicable Standards JT/T281-2007, AASHTO M-180, RAL-RG620
Application Expressway, Highway, Country road, Factory, Farm, Fishpond

  • Specifications of Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail

Shiteng Holding Highway Guardrail Factory

Guangxi Shiteng Tranportation Co.; Ltd. was established in 2017,one brand of Shiteng Holding(built in 2009).And we are the only foreign trade department in Shiteng Holding.

Shiteng Holding was establised in 2009,a group company,and the biggest factory and wholesaler about the road trafic safe (highwayguardrail) in China. Shiteng Holding has been professional on safety highway guardrail for 10 years,and we have our own guardrail factory,31 sales teams,20 installation teams and 31 services and solutions teams.The factory workshop is more than 10,000 suqare meters,5 production lines can promiss you a fast delivery time.By the way,we can offer differentstandards highway guardrail (w beam guardrail and thrie beam guardrail) such as AASHTO M180 US. standard,JT/T281-2007 Chinese standard,RAL-RG620 German standard and so on.Custom drawing we would accept.

Shiteng Holding is specialized in road traffic safe highway guardrail,and use Q235,Q345 grade steel,with cold roled,hot dipped galvanized and powder spray procesing,we offer you the high quality highway guardrail with guardrail beams,posts,terminals and accessories.

Years development,we are not only offer corugated flex beam highway gaurdrail,but also ofer the new products,corrugated stel pipe and roler barrier.They will be the trend on the road traffic safety and the city building in the future.
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W beam, thrie beam highway guardrail application

The corrugated flex beam guardrail is for road traffic safe to protect drivers and passangers fro accident. And it can be installed on different situations. Highway(freeway,motorway) guardrail,mountain road guardrail,bridge guardrail and country road guardrail are the main showing for it.And the guardrails can also be installed on the school road,car parking,air port,hospital,etc places to protect people fro attached.
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