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Mono-block Steel Pipe

Used the specific thickness hot rolling steel sheets or steel strip, through cold rolling the steel sheets or steel strip to be a designated tube festival or panels, and do structural backfill other material and compact, to make the soil and the structure pipe to bear the load, this structure pipe is called corrugated steel pipe.

Classified by shape: the corrugated steel pipe can be divided into round / circle culvert pipe, semi-circle culvert pipe, elliptical / oval culvert pipe, horse shoe culvert pipe, arch culvert pipe and box shape culvert pipe.

Classified by application: the corrugated steel pipe can be divided into drainage pipe, bridge culvert pipe, railway / road culvert pipe, sidewalk culvert pipe, escaped tunnel pipe, etc.
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Material of corrugated steel pipe: the corrugated steel pipe is usually made from Q235(SS400), Q345 steel sheets or steel rolls.
Antiseptic treatment of corrugated steel pipe: hot dipped galvanized (≥84μm zine coated in average, and do the asphalt spray when it were installing if necessary.).

1. Corrugated steel metal pipe is structure pipe, and can be installed into different kinds of soil, reduces to destroy the around environment and the using of cement, and fills back the origin soil, to protecting the environment maximally.
2. Shorten construction time, easily and quickly install and low cost, compare with the cement material, the corrugated steel pipe is easy to produce, shipping, install, and fill back soil, can shorten 60% working time and is convenient maintenance. 
3. Durable and long life. The corrugated steel pipe is hot dipped galvanized with more than 84μm zine coated to protect the steel contact from the air and the other corrosive articles. Its life time can be more than 80 years.
4. Low material cost and reduce the project budget. Factory centralized production corrugated steel pipe, reduce the material cost and labor cost, to reach maximize resource utilization.
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Product name

Corrugated steel metal culvert pipe


Q235, Q345 grade steel

Inner diameter

0.5 – 20 meters

Wall thickness

0.2 – 12 mm

Spacing wave

68 – 200 mm

Wave height

13 – 55 mm


0.75 – 12 meters

Surface treatment

Hot dipped galvanized

Zine coated

≥ 84μm


Mono-block, assembled


Road culvert pipe, water-dam drainage pipe, escaped tunnel culvert pipe, sidewalk culvert pipe, highway culvert pipe, underground drainage pipe, railway culvert pipe, sewage drainage pipe, etc.

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The corrugated installation would be through preparing, digging pit, samples test, steel pipe assembled, steel pipe acceptance, soil fill back and exit and entrance finished, etc. process.

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