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Highway Safety Roller Barrier

Safety roller barrier is the guardrails that absorbing shock energy and converting shock energy into rotational energy and guiding the car back to the road. Compare with the corrugated beam guardrail, the roller barrier is more security barrier, and maximum protection for driving and passenger safety.
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The safety roller barrier system should include galvanized steel rail (rail beam, barrier post, terminal end and bots and nuts.) and the plastic rollers. The roller is the main corrosion part or the rolling barrier, and it can absorb and converting shock energy by deforming itself.

The material on the surface of the Anti-crash highway safety roller barrier is similar to sponge, and the support shaft of the bucket center ensures that it can rotate freely. In particular, it has a strong resilience, and in generally, it can be restored immediately, even was storming by the motor vehicles. Anti-crash highway safety single-bucket roller barrier barrels uses the spinning principle of the elastic and anti-collision wear-resisting rotating barrel support on the post. Through decomposition the shock from motor vehicles, so as to effectively reduce the traffic accidents. The anti-crash highway safety roller barrier made from EVA and polyethylene composite material. This material is anti-collision and wear-resisting, can avoid the rolling barrel was hit and effectively to protect the guardrail and the passenger.
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Highway Safety Roller BarrierHighway Safety Roller Barrier
Highway Safety Roller Barrier


H238/240xφ345/350 mm


Post 1

φ140x2200x4.5 mm


Post 2

φ140x760x4.5 mm


Rail beam

100x80x4.0 mm


U connector

380x70x4.0 mm


Turning circle

195x145x5.0 mm


Square buckle

64 x 64 x 4.0 mm


Beam connector

430x84x70x4.0 mm


Terminal rail end

1300x230x4.0 mm


Bolt & Nuts

M18 x 70 mm, M19x60, M19x120


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