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Highway Guardrail Highway Guardrail
The steel highway guardrail, also call road crash barrier, is design to install on the roadside or road central to protect cars/vehicles safety and people’s life from corrosion.

Highway guardrail can be divided into w beam highway guardrail and thrie beam highway guardrail, collectively called corrugated beam (flex beam) highway guardrail. Highway guardrail includes guardrail beams, guardrail post, guardrail terminal end and bots and nuts accessories.

Highway guardrail is made of Q235/Q345 grade steel, with cold rolled and hot dipped galvanized (powder spray color as request), it has great corrosion ability and long life. Highway guardrail is the cost-effective product for road traffic safe.

Safety Roller barrier

The safety roller barrier system is the new systems of road safety barrier. Roller barrier is assembled with the EVA roller barrels and the Q235/Q345 guardrail beam and post. Roller barrier can help the cars/vehicles back to the right way and absorb and lower the impact energy to protect people’s life. Safety Roller barrier system is the most safety system for roadway traffic safety.

Corrugated Steel Pipe

The corrugated steel pipe is design to instead of the RC for road building. The corrugated steel pipe is made of Q235/Q345 grade steel, it is stable performance, easy install, ecofriendly and low price, it has a broad development prospect.

Corrugated steel pipe divides by shape, it could be arch pipe, round pipe, oval pipe, etc. And by application, it could be road culvert pipe, tunnel liner pipe, stormwater pipe, reline pipe, structure pipe. And by processing, there are Monoblock steel pipe and assembled steel pipe.