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Aluminum Road Stud

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Road stud, is used in the road pavement making to guide the vehicles driving on the right roadway and reduce the accidents to keep traffic safe. So, it is also called road pavement maker.
The road stud can be divided into plastic road stud, aluminum road stud and glass road stud by material. And the plastic type can be pvc road stud and abs road stud. The aluminum type can be 3M aluminum road stud, solar aluminum road stud and aluminum road stud with nail. 
Road pavement maker stud is most used in the highway / expressway, tunnel, road divider, square, hall stair and the other applications.
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Product Name

Road Stud Aluminum


Aluminum Alloy


High Quality PMMA


Red Yellow Green Blue White Custom



Reflective Distance



Single or Double Reflectors


>20 tons

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