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W-beam Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Beam 3.0mm

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  • thire-beam-plastic-sprayed-beam-3.0-2

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Introduction of W-beam Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Beam 3.0mm:

Spray-plastic guardrails are sprayed on the product on the basis of hot galvanizing, which is better than ordinary hot galvanizing for the anti-corrosion effect, and also has a beautiful effect. The anti-corrosive age of ordinary hot galvanizing is about 20 years, but after it is sprayed, it can reach 30 years of anti-corrosion. This is more suitable for rainy, windy and seaside areas.

Features of W-beam Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Beam 3.0mm:

  • Assembled design, easy and quick installation
  • Four layers of anti-corrosive treatment, effectively solve the problems of the surface rust, pulverization, crack and so on.
  • Good decorative, rich color, meet different customers' personalized requirements for fence products.
  • Environmental protection, environmental pollution. Solve the problem of common product pollution building.
  • The high quality steel have good impact resistance.
  • The surface of electrostatic spraying makes the fence products have good self-cleaning property, the rain wash, and water gun spray can be clean and clean like new.
  • Good weather resistance, salt resistance and moisture resistance, suitable for different areas.

Specification of W-beam Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Beam 3.0mm:

Product Name W-beam Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Beam 3.0
Material Q235(SJ235R), Q345(SJ345R)
Zine Coating 550-600g/㎡ + Plastic sprayed
Color Blue, Green, Yellow, White or as your requirement
Thickness(+/-0.015) 3.0mm
Length 4130/4320mm
Width 310mm
Wave Height 81-85mm
Theoretical Weight 49.16kg
Technology Cold Rolled
Surface treatment Hot dipped Galvanized + Plastic sprayed
Applicable Standards JT/T281-2007
Application Expressway,  Highway,  Country road,

Delivery & Package:

  • 20 pieces per bundle and fasten the bundle with wire straps or ropes
  • One 20'GP can be load about 22ton.
  • Customers' requirement are available
Delivery Time: Within 15-25 days after receiving the deposit.

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