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W-beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam 4.0mm

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  • w-beam-galvanized-corrugated-beam-4.0-1
  • w-beam-galvanized-corrugated-beam-4.0-1

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Introduction of W-beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam 4.0mm: 

In the daily use of collision guardrails, the use of W-beam hot dipped galvanized guardrail is the most widely used.  W-beam Hot dipped galvanized guardrail can be used for highway and general road (provincial road, county road, town road, etc.) anti-collision, factory area, forest park and farm construction.

Features of W-beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam 4.0mm:

  • Hot galvanized surface, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and durable, can last more than 20years in outdoor conditions.
  • Fewest parts and easy to install for straight and curved installations, suitable for many kinds of terrain. Widely used for the expressway, countryside way, mountain, slops seaside, roadsides and central dividing strip.
  • Can use the shape change of the ground, post and beam to absorb the energy of the collision, then let the vehicle turn back to the way, avoid the M rush out of the way that can protect the passenger and the vehicle, reduce the loss in the traffic.
  • Simple structure, nice appearance, fast construction speed, convenient transportation, simple operation, low construction cost and environmental protection.

Specification of W-beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam 4.0mm:

Product Name

W-beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam 4.0


Q235(SJ235R), Q345(SJ345R)

Zine Coating





4.0mm or as your requirement





Wave Height


Theoretical Weight



Cold Rolled

Surface treatment

Hot dipped Galvanized

Applicable Standards

JT/T281-2007, AASHTO M-180, RAL-RG620


Expressway,  Highway,  Country road,  Factory,  Farm,  Fishpond

Delivery & Package:

  • 20pieces per bundle and fasten the bundle with wire straps or ropes
  • One 20'GP can be load about 22ton.
  • Customers' requirement are available 
Delivery Time: Within 15-25 days after receiving the deposit.

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