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Highway Guardrail Fishtail Terminal End

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  • highway-guardrail-fishtail-terminal-2
  • highway-guardrail-fishtail-terminal-2

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Steel Highway Guardrail is widely used as highway roadside protective facilities, play an important role in protecting vehicles and personnel.

But actually, highway guardrail end unreasonable design or construction, make the highway guardrail pose a safety hazard. The terminal end of the w beam highway guardrail is determined according to the points of the section. Highway Road barrier terminal end refers to a special treatment made by the highway guardrail at the starting point or key point. Roadside guardrail is mainly based on the height of embankment fill, slope gradient and decide whether to set up roadside dangerous degree, therefore, generally roadside barrier is not set up in a row, every set barrier is a starting point and end point will need to set the end of the barrier. The focus of the terminal end disposal is at the starting point, which is the upstream of the highway guardrails or the face of the car, such as the upper bridge pier to meet the car face and the center point.The fishtail terminal end is usually set at the end of the road barrier.

Product Name

Fishtail Terminal (Highway Guardrail Terminal end)


Q235(SJ235R) or Q345B

Zine Coating



Silver, Blue, Green, Yellow, White or as your requirement





Surface treatment

Hot dipped Galvanized orpower coated

Applicable Standards

JT/T281-2007,AASHTO M-180, RAL-RG620


Expressway,  Highway,  Country road

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