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H Shaped Post

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Introduction of H Shaped Post: 

According to the engineering requirements, H shaped steel columns are gradually used.The column can be divided into the galvanizing column, plastic column, flanged column, ordinary column, etc. The diameter of the column is varied, and the suitable diameter and thickness can be selected according to the engineering requirements. Guardrail plate fixed on the roadbed, and roadbed and achieve common protective effect, when the vehicles for the collision, because of the corrugated steel guardrail board has good wear resistance, energy absorption and the role of several easy to hit, at the same time can impact on the vehicle and the driver passengers good protection effect.

Features of H Shaped Post:

  • High-quality raw material Q235, advanced technology and durable.
  • The edge design is smooth that's can prevent cutting accidental when installation.
  • Hot dipped galvanized, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
  • Professional manufacturers customized produce and quality assurance. 

Specification of H Shaped Post:

H Shaped Post

Product Name H(I) shaped Post
Material Q235(SJ235R), Q345(SJ345R)
Zine Coating 550-1100g/㎡
Color Blue, Green, Yellow, White or as your requirement
Size 150*100*5.5mm,100*360*15mm or OEM
Technology Cold Rolled
Surface treatment Hot dipped Galvanized
Applicable Standards JT/T281-2007,AASHTO M-180
Application Expressway,  Highway,  Country road,  

The connection of H Shaped Post:

H Shaped Post

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