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Curved Safety Roller Barrier

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roller barrier features

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roller barrier specifications

Roller (Royalty barrel)

240 x 350 mm / 270 x 350 mm


  140 x 4.5 x 2200 mm

Cross beam

  100 x 80 x 4.0 mm

Turning circle

   195 x 145 x 5.0 mm

Square buckle

  64 x 64 x 4.0 mm


  130 x 230 x 4.0 mm

Bolt & Nuts

  M18 x 70 mm, M19x60 , M19x120

Roller material

  EVA Polyurethane and 600g hot dip galvanized steel

Operating temperature

 -60℃ ~ 70℃ 

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