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Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail Accessories Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail Accessories
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  • Highway Guardrail Reflector

    The highway guardrail reflector also called delineator, is set along the road sides, is used to display the road boundary contour, guided vehicles moving on the right way. According to its different s... Highway Guardrail Reflector
  • Highway Guardrail Bull Nose End

    The highway guardrail terminal is generally divided into fishtail end, bull nose end , buffer end and central divider end. Different types of highway terminals apply to different locations. The nose e... Highway Guardrail Bull Nose End
  • Highway Guardrail Fishtail Terminal End

    Steel Highway Guardrail is widely used as highway roadside protective facilities, play an important role in protecting vehicles and personnel.But actually, highway guardrail end unreasonable design or... Highway Guardrail Fishtail Terminal End
The accessories of corrugated guardrail play a very important role in the long-term use of guardrails. The accessories will vary according to the columns and the way they are installed. Commonly there are 5 kinds of accessories used in corrugated guardrails, such as anti-blocking block, corrugated guardrail bracket, end head, column cap, and bolts. The function of each part is very important, the lack of which parts cannot achieve effective protection effect.

For round column, the column cap effect is very important, if there is no primary wheat, backlog of column there will be a lot of rain, there is a lot of rain acidity ion, an anti-corrosive effect even if it is a good post, for a long time under the two will be corrosion. Guardrail prevention boards with bracket, generally choose, waveform guardrail plate and pillar linked together, the protective effect of the block than in brackets, for prevention of the deformation rate of the larger, car power by deformation of the parts. The use of the end of the guardrail plate is relatively small, and one at the end of each set of guardrail boards, so that each set of guardrail board looks more beautiful. The anti-corrosion of guardrail bolt is also very important, and the anti-corrosion performance bolt can improve the service life of the guardrail.