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  • Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail

    Normally, hot dip galvanization is the present widespread application used in anti-corrosion for zinc coating W-beams barriers. SHITENG hot galvanized highway guardrail are widely use for expressway, ... Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail
  • Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier

    The safety roller barrier adopts "one post with 4 columns", which can effectively prevent the car from passing the barrier and drive out of the road by strengthening the performance and installation o... Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier
  • Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Highway Guardrail

    The surface of the corrugated guardrail is divided into two forms, hot galvanizing and plastic sprayed . Spray-plastic guardrails are sprayed on the product on the basis of hot galvanizing, which is b... Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Highway Guardrail
According to the difference of the processing mode, the galvanized fall into cold galvanized and hot galvanized. Normally, the highway guardrail is hot galvanized products.The difference between hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing:

1. The corrosion resistance of the hot galvanizing is dozens of times of cold galvanizing.
2. The method of operation is the difference: which the hot galvanizing means bathed the steel into 480-500 degree zine liquid, but the cold is zinc plated through electroplating or other methods at normal temperature.
3. The thickness of the galvanized layer is different, the thickness of hot galvanizing is much greater than that of cold galvanizing.
4. The surface is different, cold galvanizing appearance is more smooth than hot galvanizing.
5. Price is different, hot galvanizing is more expensive than cold galvanizing.
6. Cold galvanizing just be plated only one side, but hot galvanizing is all plated.
7. The zine layer of hot galvanizing can keep longer than cold galvanizing.