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The Usage of Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe The Usage of Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe

The usage of steel culvert pipe:
  1. The culvert of cross the road or railway, used for conduit and soakaway pit.
  2. The drain-pipe for building project 
  3. The drain-pipe for railway,factory, agricultural irrigation, water supply pipeline
  4. Corrugated Steel Retaining wall, cofferdam sheet pile.
       corrugated steel culvert pipe

The topography which steel corrugated can use for:

  1. The corrugated pipe can replace the bridge culvert, the construction speed is fast and the cost is reduced.
  2. In the mountainous area, the corrugated pipe can be used for construction.In high fill road construction, the building materials transportation, the scene into the groove of discharge and so on difficulties and cannot build temporary service road construction can use corrugated culvert half range ' fast installation ' characteristics of short construction time limit for a project, but also can avoid problems such as uneven settlement caused by backfill.
  3. Highway construction in mining area, as a result of an mining collapse can cause varying degrees of decline, the uneven settlement, produce different degrees of damage to general concrete structure, steel corrugated culvert pipe is a kind of flexible structure, corrugated pipe has excellent characteristics of lateral displacement of compensation in the structure, can give full play to the steel tensile performance is strong, the characteristics of deformation of superior performance, has greater resistance to deformation and subsidence resistance, especially suitable for soft soil, expansive land, in collapsible loess foundation, low bearing capacity and in earthquake-prone areas.
  4. In the case of low foundation bearing capacity, the special treatment of the foundation
  5. Paroxysmal rain in some areas is more, the bridge structure are easy to damage, and the concrete construction cannot be used again after washed out, must build new culvert, broke off diplomatic relations, to build, increase the construction cost, construction time is long, and can be reused after destroyed.
  6. Old culvert pipe repair works. Owing to the uneven settlement in some area of culvert produce different degree of damage, such as stone arch culvert, dug out in a high fill location to repair long time limit, or repair service road all increased fees, ending within a set of cement pipe bad construction, round pipe culvert among old arch culvert filling cement mortar with difficulty.The corrugated pipe can be used to push forward after the culvert is connected, and there is no gap in the joints.On the side opening of the pipe, so as to fill the stone and shotcrete to increase the integrity of the pipe culvert and the original culvert;Besides, it is light and easy to construct.During the construction, the foundation shall be cleared to ensure the safety of the construction personnel.
  7. When the road is not convenient, using steel corrugated pipe can be divided into construction to save a lot of operation time.
  8. When shallow filling soil, can apply corrugated pipe culvert construction.Due to the shallow filling, the cement circular pipe is prone to crack in the construction process. The corrugated pipe is a flexible structure, which can adapt to the requirement of deformation and heavy load.
  9. Replace the small bridge with corrugated pipe for porous use.
  10. The steel corrugated plate can be used for the intersection of two roads.
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