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The Role of W-Beam Guardrail on the Highway The Role of W-Beam Guardrail on the Highway

The installation of the freeway board can make our driving safe. In our daily life, we can see the w-beam guardrails on both sides of the highway or the center protective plate every day. Why corrugated cardboard is needed to be installed on the road? Is the protective function of corrugated guardrail very strong?

W-Beam Guardrail 1

1. The w-beam guardrails are installed in the middle of the road. When the vehicle is out of control, it can prevent the vehicle from getting out of control and entering the opposite lane. Each of them has two pimples.

2. W-beam guardrail is a semi steel protection device. It is very durable. When the vehicle collides, it can make the road unblocked and force the vehicle to return to their original routes.

3. W-beam guardrail can reduce the impact on the driver, it has good durability and not easy to break. When it is touched, the vehicle will be forced to stop behind the w-beam guardrail because of its good buffer performance.

4. W-beam protection board has another obvious advantage: it can let the driver see the edge of the road both day and night, it is very easy for the driver to identify the road under the sun.
W-Beam Guardrail 2

Why do we need corrugated guardrails? As the guardrail is the main composition of semi-steel guardrails, it is a continuous structure, the corrugated guardrails are spliced with each other and supported by the column. The utility model uses the deformation of the soil, column and beam to absorb the impact energy, forcing the uncontrolled vehicle to change direction and return to their normal directions, thus preventing the vehicle from deviating from the track. From this point, the installation of corrugated guardrail on highways will play an important role in making full use of highway efficiency, avoiding and reducing traffic accidents.

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