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The Installation of Assemble Horseshoe Shaped Steel Culvert Pipe The Installation of Assemble Horseshoe Shaped Steel Culvert Pipe

The usage of horseshoe culvert pipe: horseshoe culvert pipe means the section of the corrugated steel culvert pipe is horseshoe shaped.

The installation of galvanized corrugated steel culvert pipe.

Steel Culvert Pipe

1. Before installation, we must prepare the material,workers and equipment.And also need to arrange the security and protection work during the construction, make the protect net at the sides of the slope and avoid the stone fell.
2. Making foundation , can backfill gravel or masonry slabs concrete.The foundation was flat and filled with sand materials 30 - 50cm thickness. The compactness reached more than 90%.Determine the middle and side lines of each culvert.
3. In the construction of culvert corrugated pipe, the method of segmented construction is adopted, and two pieces of angle steel are used in the base of the original arch culvert in advance, and the length is determined according to the length of the culvert. Make a sliding track for culvert propulsion, the corrugated culvert pipe diameter can be of different specifications according to the project requirements. The complete pipe diameter is 0.5m--2.5m.The length of each pipe is about 3 meters.Use inside (outside) flange bolt connection.The diameter of the assembled pipe is 3m- 8m.Each circular direction consists of 4-15 plates, which are bolted with high-strength bolts.
4 . If culvert length is less than 30 meters, the new corrugated culvert is greater 80 cm than the original culvert width , can push the whole pipe to one side, after is in place, can make the retaining wall and backfill work.

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