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The Importance of Installation Highway Guardrail The Importance of Installation Highway Guardrail

The requirement of installation for Corrugated beam sure be recheck again and again after installation and strictly according to the construction management system.

The process of highway guardrail installation:

Before Installation

Before Installation
First of all, the installation staff shall be educated the rules and the methods of crash barrier.
The construction unit shall establish corresponding rules and regulations, strengthen the installation staff quality consciousness, make the installation workers learning  the drawing design of corrugated beam guardrail and the specification of quality testing of corrugated guardrail. etc.Highway guardrail.

Second, the construction management for corrugated highway guardrail , in strict accordance with the requirements of technical director, standardization of construction management, programming and programming of the corrugated highway guardrail, in strict accordance with the construction design drawings, in line with the construction norms, strict control of construction technical standards and quality inspection.

In the installation
In the installation process of crash barrier, it must be accurate and accurate. In the process of construction, first of all, according to the design and installation drawings for installation, ensure the installation position error range, then make sure that column vertical degree, the size of the spacing of columns, the installation of the corrugated highway guardrail hole location is unified, installation of the straight road, straight line level, there can be no ups and downs.The overall effect of the installation should be smooth, natural, without hard folding.During construction, the construction standards of highway traffic safety facilities and construction standards must be strictly followed. "quality requirements, the position of the welded post shall be handled smoothly, without welding slag and collision phenomenon."If it does not meet the quality standards, it shall be reworked.

After Installation

After installation
Corrugated highway guardrail using the regular maintenance of guardrail plate after installation, check the loss, damage, corrosion protection corrugated highway guardrail beam, need to change, we need to do in the process of change the poss shall not be less than the previous embedded depth, the embedded depth of corrugated highway guardrail beam joining together before seamless splicing, as far as possible to ensure that the collision avoidance, exert the effect of the collision.

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