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The Difference of the Road Safety Barriers Cost The Difference of the Road Safety Barriers Cost

The highway guardrail, widely used for city road, country road and province road. The two importance difference of the highway guardrail and rural road guardrail are the raw material and zine coating.
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Usually, the cost of the guardrail for the highway is about 30usd/m. But for the rural road, the cost is about 18usd/m. So what makes it such difference? The one factor is the raw material. The thickness of w-beam guardrail for the expressway is 3.0-4.0mm.
But the thickness of country roads barriers is 2.5-3.0mm. The other factor is zinc coated. The zinc coating of the flex beam guardrails for the highway is 550g/m2(1.80oz/ft2) minimum single-spot and 1100g/m2(3.60oz/ft2) minimum single-spot. But the zinc coating for rural road barriers is about 300g/m2 or less.
So we need according to the actual condition to choose the right highway roller barrier.

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