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The Difference Between Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe And Corrugated Steel Belt Culvert Pipe The Difference Between Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe And Corrugated Steel Belt Culvert Pipe

Many customers are not familiar with the steel corrugated pipe produced by our company. They always ask what is the difference between steel corrugated pipe and steel belt corrugated pipe.
Corrugated Galvanized culvert pipe is also called corrugated steel culvert pipe, generally lay in the culvert under highway and railway. it is made from steel plate semicircle waveform steel,  then make galvanized processing after processing round corrugated culvert, and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. Steel corrugated pipe is widely used in highway, railway, small bridge, passageway, retaining wall and various kinds of mine, roadway retaining wall support culvert (pipe).

The following is the performance of steel corrugated pipe:
1. High strength, due to its unique corrugated structure makes it more than 15 times strength than the same diameter cement pipe.
2. Steel corrugated pipe connect with sleeve or flange connection, and  can be customized the length according to the requirements, even unskilled workers also can operate, construction is a small amount of manual operation, it can be finished in a short time, quick and convenient.
3. Steel corrugated pipe culvert is to use hot dip galvanized steel , so the service life is 80-100 years, when used in serious corrosive  environment, we can using asphalt sprinkle on the internal and external surface of steel corrugated pipe, can be improved about 20 years life time on the basis of the original .
4. Excellent economy: the connection mode is simple and can shorten the construction period.

The Difference Between Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe And Corrugated Steel Belt Culvert Pipe

The steel belt corrugated pipe, use of special materials and technology not only solves the corrosion problem of steel plate but also solves the bonding degree between steel plate and PE material, making the service life of pipeline the same as that of pure plastic pipe.It can be used for electric hot-melt connection, heat-shrinkable belt connection, internal and external extrusion welding or multiple connection combinations.
The following is the performance of corrugated steel pipe:
1. Convenient transportation and construction, 1/8 of the weight of cement pipe. Only excavators are needed for buried pipe, and no large equipment is required.
2. Free from waste water and chemical corrosion pollution, and free from corrosion caused by rotting materials in the soil;
3. Pipe materials can be connected outside the trench , and then use excavators push the pipe into the ditch. That’s reduce the project time and cost;
4. The pipe wall adopts the "U" shape structure, which is resistant to impact and pressure, and does not break under the condition of foundation subsidence.
Because the product characteristic is different, so we can according to the scene condition and design drawing to choose the right products.
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