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The Color of Highway Safety Rolling Barriers The Color of Highway Safety Rolling Barriers

Everything has its value and significance, and the highway safety rolling barriers is one of the most cutting edges in the traffic facilities, and it can realize mass production in continuous innovation and improvement.

Rolling barriers is mainly used for vehicle lane change section for expressway, a lane change vehicle easy out of control in and out of the ramp, high cliffs or divide slope road, on both ends of the bridge, cross sections, wind tunnel entrance and frequent accidents.
But have you ever wondered why the main body of the highway safety roller barriers is yellow?
First of all, yellow is conspicuous, such as yellow flashing lights, whether the driver of yellow flashing lights will know to slow down. The color yellow has become a warning sign for drivers' friends to some degree.
Secondly, because yellow does not fade easily. Other colors used by experts are not as good as yellow.
In the end, it is because the rotating drum is decorated with reflective film, which can have a good visual effect on the vehicle during the day and night, and further ensure the safety of the driving.

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highway safety rolling barriers
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