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Points of Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe at Culvert End Points of Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe at Culvert End

1. In order to make the corrugated steel pipe culverts splice well with the culvert , and can bear greater pressure, typically has the following several forms at the culvert terminal: eight type, flat type, end wall type, cone slope type, straight or straight tube type, etc. The treatment method is according to the design drawing. The corrugated steel culvert adopts flat type at both ends of the culvert, so that the mechanical performance is better.

2. For the culvert end which is washed by water, the riverbed should adjust the structure. Meanwhile, protective measures should be taken on both sides of the culvert to reduce the erosion of steel corrugated culvert port and bottom cushion layer, so as to improve the service life and anti-corrosion ability of steel corrugated culvert pipe.

3. There must be no cracks in the concrete poured by the culvert end; otherwise,  water will break the hole and the whole bridge surface will collapse over time.

The above three points must be paid attention to in the construction, not to paralyze the carelessness, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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