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Nanning Road Barrier Beautification Project TO Build A Beautiful ASEAN City Nanning Road Barrier Beautification Project TO Build A Beautiful ASEAN City

Urban traffic network is the "blood vessel" of urban operation. How to make the city's "blood vessels" more smooth and relieve the pressure of road traffic? That's the idea of creating a civilized city. Since the beginning of this year, our city has made great efforts to transform and upgrade a number of urban roads, improve the traffic condition of urban roads, improve urban functions and beautify the urban environment.

Transformation and upgrading to open up "microcirculation"

Problems such as easy congestion and difficult parking are a headache for residents who frequent the old city. According to the housing and construction bureau of Baohe district, the district will upgrade the slow-moving system of Tongcheng Road, Xuancheng Road, Chaohu Road, Hangyun Road and Yinping Road within one ring this year to meet the commuting needs of residents. Among them, the Hangyun Road and Yinping Road will be one-way traffic.

According to the introduction, the National Avenue, and Dongge Road Extension Line to Nanning Hotel, are two parallel urban branches. According to the plan, the reconstruction of the National Avenue and Dongge Road includes improving road engineering, traffic engineering, and greening engineering, and transforming concrete pavement into asphalt pavement. At the same time, all kinds of equipment boxes with unreasonable positions will be transferred and beautified, and old street lamps and road signs will be replaced uniformly. After the transformation, a circular line will be formed between the Kuaihuan Road to share the traffic pressure around the business circle of the exhibition center and open up the regional "micro-circulation". On the road surface setting, it is planned to cancel the original section of the road barrier, raise the sidewalk side stone height, and improve the slow traffic system, improve the traffic order, and reasonably solve the road right problems of pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles through the re-application of traffic mark lines and isolation barriers. In addition, the upgraded Yinping Road and Hangyun road will be equipped with nearly 60 roadside parking Spaces, and urban bicycle parking areas will be added to alleviate the parking problems of surrounding communities and business circles to a certain extent.

In addition to upgrading the "hardware" of the above roads, Baohe district will also upgrade the urban space and cultural details through upgrading the software. "Hangyun road is a gateway formed by connecting the Nanfei River Wharf. We will dig deeper into the wharf culture behind it, and restore the city's style and features by setting up the theme sculptures and urban sketches in the streets." The city management department of the district in charge of the responsible person said. It is reported that the Baohe district also plans to demolish the illegal buildings along the streets, brighten the facades, add seats, corridor, and other leisure facilities, design street landscape gardening with an ornamental and hierarchical sense, and create the theme of "one street and one product".

Improve quality and build "model road"

Like "embroidery" to the road for "beauty." This year, Nanning Jingkai District has improved the overall quality of five roads. The entire project will be completed by the end of this month according to plans from the details of road junction design, building facade beautification, street parks and cultural walls, and the replacement of special road signs.

It is reported that the area will also integrate elements such as layout, architectural form, ecological environment, and historical context, and will focus on the renovation of factory areas, residential areas, and commercial areas on both sides of the road to completely end the chaotic style and lack of bright spots, to replace it with urban memory or cultural elements, and to optimize the pedestrian system.

With these five roads as a demonstration guide, the co-construction road will be upgraded, and the new road will be planned and constructed. It is reported that in 2017, the district plans to comprehensively rectify 24 roads, a total of 70.5 kilometers; In 2018, it plans to comprehensively rehabilitate 17 major roads and 71 kilometers; In 2019, it plans to comprehensively rectify 15 roads and 18 kilometers.
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