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Manufacturing Procedure of Guardrail Manufacturing Procedure of Guardrail

The manufacturing procedure of the wall panel manufacturer: High quality steel plate is pickled, pressed into double wave or three wave plates, then treated by hot galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing.
Features of the guardrail: good anticorrosion, anti-aging, beautiful appearance and convenient installation.
Guardrail uses: industry, agriculture, municipal, transportation, such as fence, decoration, protection and other facilities.


Corrugated beam steel rails specification: plywood DB01, reinforcing plate DB02.
Column :A, 114 * 4.5 * L diameter * wall thickness * length B, 140 * 4.5 * L code :g-z, hole pitch :L, aperture:
Anti-blocking block :178 * 200 * 3.0(one type code :f-1)200 * 200 * 3.0(type B code :f-2) note: the current use is A block, used with the steel pipe column. Each one weighs 2.7-3.0kg, nine holes. (the above is the special anti-blocking block of the second wave plate)
Hat: about 114 each weighing 0.5 kg weigh 0.6 kg each of about 140
Bracket: 300 * 70 * 4.5 (codename: t-1(2)) note: 10 orifice plates, each weight around 0.8.
Terminal head: general section (R160), two types of central belt (R250), and other special purpose, can be arranged according to customer's requirement.
Beam gasket (square gasket): used for bracket (block) and guardrail, connecting screw hole pad lining.Waveform guardrail
Bolt: conventional type :M16*170(150) column, with anti-blocking block and bracket connection; M16*42(40) block, bracket and board connection;M16*35(32.5) plate and board connection;
Corrugated steel guardrail material: high quality steel plate antiseptic, model :4320*310*85*3.0(4.0), each weight :49.16 kg (65.55 kg), general surface treatment: hot galvanizing, can be electroplated and coated. Corrugated guardrail is widely used in industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other industries of fence, decoration, protection facilities. The main reason is that corrugated guardrail plate itself is good anti-corrosion property, anti-aging, beautiful and generous, easy to install.
The total length of the guardrail is 4.32 meters (after installation), and the distance of the column is 4 meters.Column width 506MM, thickness :4MM.

guardrail manufacturer

1 ton guardrail board can be expanded: 4MM thick 39.2 meters. The weight of 4mm thick is 25.5 tons per kilometer. 250 bars per kilometer.
The column spacing is 4 meters, 250 columns are used for each kilometer, the end is 2, the column cap is 250, the screw 250 sets, the bracket 250, the resistance seat 250.
Highway of the specifications of the three commonly used baffle plate is 4320 * 506 * 506 * 5, the collocation of column can be circular tube 140 * 4.5 * 2150, can also be a square column, square column specifications for: 130 * 130 * 6 * 2540.Preventive blocks and accessories shall be determined according to specifications or determined according to design drawings.
The vertical column of the guardrail is generally 140mm/114mm, the thickness is generally 4.5mm, and the commonly used height is 2150mm.The general length is determined according to the drawing or terrain.
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