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How To Install The Corrugated Guardrail On The freeway? How To Install The Corrugated Guardrail On The freeway?

Today, I would like to introduce to you some knowledge about the installation of the highway corrugated guardrail.

The installation method of the highway corrugated guardrail

1. The columns shall be laid out according to the planning drawings, and the distance shall be fixed at the control points of bridges, passageways, culverts, overpasses and horizontal crosses. The distance can be adjusted by the adjustment section, and the number of distance points can be handled by the allocation method.

2. Pile number rechecking and closing are carried out at intervals in order to accurately place samples and ensure the linear shape of guardrails.

3. As soon as the test is done, the ground condition of each vertical column should be checked. For example, when the underground communication pipeline and water discharge are encountered, or the buried depth at the top of the culvert is insufficient, the orientation of some columns should be adjusted, and the fixing method of the vertical column should be changed.

The highway corrugated guardrail device

1. Vertical column drilling shall be carried out according to the planning drawings and shall be in harmony with the alignment of the road lines.

2.If the basic conditions of the road shoulder permit, the method of penetration shall be adopted to set the upright pile, which shall be precisely broken and positioned during construction. The column shall be driven into the soil to the planned depth.

3. When the column is difficult to enter, the drilled method or excavation method can be used to install the column. After positioning the column, the same data should be filled back with the roadbed, and laminated compaction should be made. Columns are buried by the excavation method. The backfill soil should be filled with excellent materials and packed in layers (each layer is not more than 15cm thick). The compaction degree of backfill soil should not be less than that of adjacent original soil.

4. The guardrail columns arranged in the construction work are generally completed at the time of construction of the structure. When selecting the reserved hole root, we should first remove the debris in the hole, drain the water in the hole, smear the melted asphalt in the hole bottom, and then put in the column, and control the elevation. Sand can be injected around the column. The correct orientation and straightness of the vertical column must be adhered to when filling sand. When the sand is vibrated, it can be sealed with asphalt to prevent rainwater from leaking into the hole.

5. During column construction of bituminous pavement sections, the same data as the roadbed are used for backfilling and layered compaction of the column-pit from the roadbed to 5cm below the surface layer, and the remaining part is backfilled and compacted with the same data as the road surface.

6. After laying in position, the horizontal and vertical directions of the hollow and column device form a smooth line.

7. In the construction of the end guardrail of the ramp and mutation section, the position of the column should be controlled strictly according to the coordinate of planning rules, and the parabola should be observed.

The installation of the highway corrugated guardrail

1. When installing corrugated beam devices, they shall be spliced together by splicing bolts and fixed on vertical columns or beams by connecting bolts. The splicing direction of the corrugated beam is the key of the device. During construction, the overlap direction should be the same as the driving direction.

2. In the installation process, the corrugated beam device should be continuously adjusted, so the connecting bolt and splicing bolt should not be tightened too early, so that the long round hole of waveform beam can be adjusted in time during the installation process, and so that it can form a smooth line shape and prevent some concave and convex parts.

3. The top surface of the corrugated beam should be in harmony with the vertical curve of the road. And check the line shape of the guardrail. When it is determined that the line shape is more straight and flowing, the bolts can be tightened finally.
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