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Highway Roller Barrier Introduction Highway Roller Barrier Introduction

Shiteng's roller barrier adopts the method of “one v as well as four guardrails”. By strengthening the performance and installation of the columns and guardrails, it effectively prevents cars from crossing the fence and driving out of the driving lane. In addition, a rotating structure is adopted in a creative way to support a flexible barrel, which is crash-resistant and wear-resistant on the column so that the rotating barrel can freely rotate on the column. This free rotation of the rotating barrel decomposes the impact force of the car so that the impact force which is perpendicular to the direction of the guardrail is decomposed into a direction parallel to the guardrail, which is effectively absorbed and reduced by the rotating drum, thereby effectively reducing the consequences of the traffic accident.

Anti-crash rotating barriers are a "revolution" on high-speed barriers. At present, the product has obtained 22 invention patents and is widely used in Korea, Japan, the United States, and other countries, and the traffic accident death rate in which it is used has dropped by more than 90%. The highway guardrail for sale passed the collision test of small cars and large trucks at the Highway Testing Ground of the Ministry of Transport and achieved success. The test results have reached the SB and SBm anti-crush barriers class technical standards. It is believed that in the near future, the “rotating barrel barrier” will become a unique landscape on the highways and ordinary roads in China. It will also change the history of the parapets for 50 years and bring a new concept of traffic protection to create a kind of the new road environment has become a life project for the benefit of future generations. Used to crash barriers on highways, roads, and roads. In order to protect the safety of the driver, the damage caused by the impact is mitigated.
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