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Anti-crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier-New Guarantee for Road Security Anti-crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier-New Guarantee for Road Security

The Anti-crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier is arranged by a number of rotating barrels, one guardrail is supported by four columns. When the vehicle hits the guardrail, the drum absorbs and decomposes the impact force of the vehicle by rolling, so that the impact force perpendicular to the guardrail is decomposed into the direction that is parallel to the guardrail, which is effectively absorbed and reduced by the revolving drum and effectively mitigate the consequences caused by the traffic accidents. This project is first developed and used in Korea. In recent years, with the development of China's technology, rotary drum guardrail has also been applied to the expressway or the dangerous sharp bend and tunnel entrance.

Anti-crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier

The guardrail is made of EVA and polyurethane. These kinds of materials have good elasticity and anti-collision performance and wear resistance, which can preventing the drum being damaged when it is impacted and effectively protect the driver and passengers. At the same time, the revolving bucket has strong restorability, even if it is hit seriously, it can also restore to its original state.

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When it is impacted a car, the rotary guardrail transforms the impact force into a rotating energy, which reduces the damage caused by the accident maximumlly. It provides a new guarantee for road safety protection.

In addition, the anti-crash highway safety roller barrier guardrail is mainly yellow and orange, bright color has high light reflection effect, which can catch the driver's eyeball, thereby attracting the driver's attention, reducing the accident rate, especially to ensure their safety at night and rainy days.

New Guarantee for Road Security

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