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Anti-crash Highway Guardrail Anti-crash Highway Guardrail

The high-speed anti-crash guardrail is also known as corrugated guardrail, galvanized highway guardrail, anti-crash guardrail, W-steel guardrail, highway roller barrier and road guardrail, which is the most widely used safety guardrail at home and abroad. High-speed anti-crash guardrail is cold-rolled and semi-steel guardrail; it is generally categorized by setting place and anti-collision grade. According to the setting place, it can be divided into roadside guardrail and central divider guardrail. According to anti-collision grade, it can be divided into A grade and S grade; S grade guardrail is of reinforced type and is suitable for road sections that are particularly dangerous; A grade is used for special purpose. The highway wave guardrail is the main form of the semi-rigid guardrail. It is a continuous structure in which the corrugated steel guard plates are spliced to each other and supported by the main columns.
【Link】 The link between the column and corrugated plate: link method between block/Bracket column and ground: embedded
The general column spacing is divided into 2 meters spacing and 4 meters spacing;
【Surface treatment】 Hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized plus spray, hot dip galvanized plus spray.
【Functional principle】 When receiving the external force, it will deform through the guardrail and the column absorb impact force and protect pedestrians and vehicles.
【Applications】 Currently widely used in domestic highways, first-class and second-class highways, provincial roads, county roads, scenic spots, and country roads.
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