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About Modern Imitated Wood Guardrails About Modern Imitated Wood Guardrails

The modern imitated wood balustrade is diverse and rich in color. It can be combined with various environments and scenic spots. Users can choose different styles according to the regional environment, which shows their personality.

The imitation wood balustrade is a new generation of environment-friendly products with concrete as the basic material. The advanced similar true technology and realistic similar effect keep the color of every small wood grain the original color of wood, which is more close to nature and can increase the spirit of the city. It is characterized by high plasticity, high strength, long service life, high similarity, a strong sense of art, environmental protection, no rot, no burning,  and no deformation.
With people's pursuit of ecological and environmental protection concepts rising and the growing lack of forest resources, wood-like products came into being. The imitated wood products mainly include imitated wood guardrail, imitated bark balustrade, imitated wood table stool, imitated wood railings, imitated woodpile, imitated wood Gallery rack and so on. Now, a few suggestions are given for the purchase of imitated wood products to save the procurement costs.

1. Wood-like products are made of reinforced steel framework combined with concrete, and the main cost is in the labor cost and technical cost (process: the process adopts assembly line molding, and after 4 hours of high-temperature supercharging and curing, special treatment materials are used for surface treatment. Strength can reach more than C25 - C30 and can overcome the shortcomings of - 20 ℃ cracking and pulverization. )

2. The production cycle should be extended to the manufacturer as far as possible, and the landscape imitated wooden guardrail should be provided with sufficient delivery time. If the specifications and patterns of wood products are customized according to the drawings, there will be an extra cost for the manufacturer to re-open the mold and the construction period should be relaxed. Therefore, if the overall cost is taken into account and the financial control is in place, we should try not to plan the style of wood-like products by ourselves and we should place orders according to the existing standards of the manufacturer. This saves the cost of re-opening the mold and allows the manufacturer to deliver the product as soon as possible.


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