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New Type Of Roller Barrier Appears In Wanzhou Section Of Wanli Expressway. It Will Save Countless Li New Type Of Roller Barrier Appears In Wanzhou Section Of Wanli Expressway. It Will Save Countless Li

It is reported that in Wanli Expressway Longju Interchange, the construction personnel are installing a new orange guardrail.
Roller barrier. This barrier is the first time to be used in Wanzhou. It can further improve the ability of safety protection and protect the safety of drivers and vehicles.

In Wanli Expressway Longju Interchange, a section of orange guardrail stretches along the outside of the highway. As soon as we get closer, we can see it installs a new type of roller crash barrier from the interchange entrance.

This guardrail is different from waveform guardrail. It consists of rotating barrel, steel column, steel beam, fastener, etc. With a push of the hand, the rotating barrel in the middle can rotate. Workers in overalls and safety hats are busy with firmware installation and alignment adjustment.

According to Lai Wei, District Director of Nine Branches of Wanliwanda Project Headquarters of the First Bureau of China Communications, this new type of roller crash barrier is a pilot project, which has not existed in Wanzhou before. The selected location is in the section with high filling and large height difference.

The motion principle of the new guardrail it dissipating energy by rolling guidance after impact. When a vehicle collides with a sliding guardrail, the vehicle's driving direction is corrected by a rotating barrel set on the guardrail, so that it can return to the normal trajectory, avoid impact rebound and cause secondary accidents.

Secondly, the high-level and high-strength anti-collision protection beams installed on the drum guardrail can effectively prevent the vehicle from turning over the exit side, resulting in cliff fall accidents. Roller-type anti-collision barrier improves road identification through bright colors of guardrail and rotating barrel and reflective marking on barrel, provides effective and eye-catching warning for drivers in time. It prevents or avoids vehicles from leaving the normal lane or rushing out, reduces the occurrence of road traffic accidents, and provides effective protection for vehicles and personnel.

It is reported that the rotary drum is made of a kind of composite material, which has strong elasticity and wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, ultraviolet aging resistance, and it is not easy to fade and damage, and has long service life. The installation of a new type of drum anti-collision guardrail has accumulated experience for its popularization and application in the future.

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