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New High Strength Aluminum Alloy Corrugated Beam Guardrail New High Strength Aluminum Alloy Corrugated Beam Guardrail

Currently, the structure of waveform guardrail of Expressway mainly includes double or three-wave waveform plate, anti-blocking block and cylindrical steel column. In order to improve the service life of guardrails in various natural environments, it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of steel. In addition to increasing the cost of maintenance, some anti-corrosion treatment will also produce heavy metal pollution.

If a new type of high strength aluminium alloy material with good corrosion resistance and no need of anticorrosion treatment is used to design corrugated beam guardrails, it can not only effectively avoid the shortcomings of anticorrosion pollution and low reuse rate of steel guardrails, but also reduce the life cycle cost of guardrails.

Taking the three-stage corrugated beam guardrail widely used in domestic expressways as the research object, according to the requirement of grade A corrugated beam guardrail determined by JTG/T D81-2017 "Detailed Rules for Design of Highway Traffic Safety Facilities", the strength of the new high strength aluminium alloy is similar to that of steel, and reaches the strength value of 7 series aluminium material. The wavy beam, column, bracket or anti-blocking block, stiffening rib and other components of the guardrail are all made of the new high strength aluminium alloy material. Only the high strength connecting bolts are made of steel.

When the material is used as a structural member, the structural deformation and stability caused by the small elastic modulus and insufficient stiffness of the material should be considered, and the low stiffness of the aluminium alloy material should be considered. The structural stiffness deficiency should be compensated by increasing the geometric size of the section to control the deformation of the aluminium guardrail.

Through the simulation and analysis of the collision ability of the new guardrail, it is shown that the standard section structure of the guardrail can meet the requirements of Class A in the current code, and the protection ability can reach 160 kJ. The new high strength aluminium alloy has high reuse rate and recovery residual value, which can effectively promote the recycling of waste guardrails, save resources and reduce the life cycle cost of guardrails. Its strong corrosion resistance can avoid the heavy metal pollution caused by anti-corrosion treatment, and provide a new idea for solving the anti-rust pollution of safety facilities. It can effectively promote the development of green highway in traffic safety facilities.

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