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Hot-dip Galvanized Guardrail Leads the Development of Expressway Guardrail Hot-dip Galvanized Guardrail Leads the Development of Expressway Guardrail

Expressway is an important transportation facility in China. In recent years, with the rapid development of Expressway construction, the safety of expressway is particularly important. Galvanized highway guardrail is an important facility for Expressway safety. Its material selection and structure design directly relate to the safety guarantee function it can provide. Although galvanized highway guardrail can not reduce the occurrence of accidents, it can greatly reduce casualties caused by accidents.

1. The principle that guardrail plays a safe role. Vehicles traveling at high speed have great kinetic energy. When an emergency occurs, the vehicle will rush to the guardrail for evasion, out of control and other reasons. At this time, the role of the guardrail is to avoid violent collision of vehicles and casualties. 2. Safety design of guardrail steel plate The kinetic energy of a vehicle is related to its mass and speed.

At present, the galvanized highway guardrail network of China's high-speed is located on both sides of the road. There are four rows of two-way roads, which are connected by corrugated steel plates in strips and sections. Each section of guardrail is supported and fixed by steel pillars. The head and tail of the two sections of guardrail steel plate are connected by screw, and are connected to the support through the steel buffer plate. The main material of steel plate is Q235. The standard size of guardrail steel plate is: thickness 0.3 cm; unfolding width 48 cm; single section length 400 cm. The volume of a single guardrail is calculated to be 5.76X103cm3.

With the rapid and efficient development of economy, there will be large, heavy-duty and high-speed automobiles on the expressway. They will have higher requirements for the security of galvanized highway guardrail network, and also need continuous research and development.
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