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Semi-circle Galvanized Metal Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

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Metal corrugated culvert pipe is also called metal corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated culvert pipe or steel corrugated culvert pipe, refers to the screw corrugated pipe lay in the culvert under the highway and railway, it is made of corrugated metal plate or semicircle corrugated steel plate , widely used in culvert (tube) of highway, railway, bridge, tunnel, retaining wall and a variety of mines and the retaining wall of roadway .

Practice has proved that using metal corrugated culvert pipe instead of the reinforced concrete culvert construction, no matter from the construction period, construction cost, environmental protection and so on has its incomparable superiority, and with metal corrugated culvert pipe culvert construction, can greatly improve the comfort and security of the road traffic, helps to solve  the damage problem for the structure of the concrete culvert pipe from frost.

corrugated pipe features
From the pictures we can find that the bearing strength of  the steel corrugated plate is more stronger than normal steel plate.

The flexbeam material can be cured to fit your requirement.
flexbeam material


1.High strength: metal corrugated culvert pipe is 1.5~3 times stronger than cement pipe.
2.Light weight: metal corrugated culvert pipe is only 1/15~1/5 of the same size of cement pipe.
3.Long life time: the life time of metal corrugated culvert pipe is more than 100 years.
4. The construction is convenient and quick: the metal corrugated culvert pipe is not needed for large-scale machinery, only manual operation can be done.
5.Axial: metal corrugated culvert pipe can be used for serious settlement environment .
6.environmental protection, low carbon, metal corrugated culvert pipe to reduce or simply abandoned the traditional building materials, such as the use of cement, sand, stone, wood, metal corrugated culvert is conducive to environmental protection, reduce carbon emissions.
7. Metal corrugated culvert is convenient for later maintenance.

corrugated pipe specification

Product Name

Mono-block galvanized metal /steel corrugated culvert pipe


Q235(SJ235R), Q345(SJ345R)

Inner Diameter


Wall thickness


Spacing wave


Height of wave



750-120000mm or according to the customer’s


Hot dip galvanized

Zine Coating



Circular, Elliptical, Pipe Arch,

High Profile, Pipe Arch, Arch,

Low Profile High Profile Arch,

High Profile Ellipse


1. Fluid pipe, Line pipe, Drill pipe, Boiler pipe, Bridge replacement

2. Structural relines, Road culvert, Storm sewers

3. Storm water detention systems, Oil or gas transportation

4. Fluid pipe, Line pipe, Drill pipe, Boiler pipe, Bridge replacement

Tunneling project:
tunneling project

Culvert protection:
culvert protection

Bridge project:
bridge project

Oil and gas pipeline protection:
oil and gas pipeline protection

Generally the foundation of steel corrugated culvert pipe is flexible foundation. Because the subsidence of culvert basement and roadbed is consistent, so in the construction we don't need to renew the basement of the culvert pipe, just backfill according to the actual situation of foundation.
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