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In road construction, it has been more than 100 years since the use of metal corrugated culvert pipe to replace reinforced concrete for culvert construction. In 1896, the United States took the lead in the feasibility study of metal corrugated pipe and culvert pipe. Subsequently, the corrugated metal culvert pipe has been used for the culvert construction in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

In 1990, the Japanese expressway designing institute was designed the technical specification for the corrugated culvert pipe. With the installation and use of the metal corrugated pipe in various parts of the world, the universality of this kind of structure is proved. After China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen and Datong coal mine began to import finished metal corrugated pipe from abroad for culvert construction.

After that, Shanghai highway management office, Shanghai municipal engineering design and research institute and Shanghai Tongji university made a test of dynamic and static load for corrugated metal culvert pipe, the results show that it can satisfy the design requirement. This research  make the metal corrugated culvert pipe has been widely promoted and used in China. Later, the metal corrugated pipe has been put into the highway construction in Qinghai province. Three years of practice has proved that the metal corrugated pipe is completely in line with the construction requirements of the culvert in the cold area of the north.

Practice has proved that using metal corrugated culvert pipe instead of the reinforced concrete culvert construction, no matter from the construction period, construction cost, environmental protection and so on has its incomparable superiority, and with metal corrugated culvert pipe culvert construction, can greatly improve the comfort and security of the road traffic, helps to solve the damage problem for the structure of the concrete culvert pipe from frost.

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