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Five Characteristics of Zinc Steel Fence Five Characteristics of Zinc Steel Fence

1. Strong weather resistance - Electrostatic spraying process is solidified by solid powder at high temperature. This powder performance is far more stable than that of liquid paint (including paint), so zinc steel guardrail has a good anti-ultraviolet function, and will not fade under long-term sunlight.

2. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion - zinc dipping layer, zinc-rich phosphating layer and electrostatic coating all have an excellent anti-rust effect. Zinc steel guardrails can generally be guaranteed not to rust for 30-50 years in a harsh environment.

3. Anti-disassembly - installing anti-disassembly fittings, anti-disassembly fittings and pipes are tested by the national technical department, and all indicators exceed the national standards.

4. Delicate and warm feel - the surface of zinc steel guardrail can achieve both smooth and matte feel effects, can achieve the same feeling of different colors, and give more features and emotions to the building.

5. Rich colors - rich colors can satisfy the designer's individualized needs in the decorative building of the railings and can achieve the effect of automobile shell enamel (including imitation wood color, as long as you provide the color plate, we can produce according to the color plate).

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