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Roller Roller
    Rotating bucket USES EVA and polyurethane composite materials, the high-intensity EVA and PU material itself is elastic and anti-collision wear-resisting, can avoid the rotating barrel is crashing, when effectively to the fence and the passenger personnel protection. In addition to good anti-collision wear-resisting performance, also has the chemical corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet aging and the weathering resistance, not easily damaged, well-presented and not brown, natural conditions in the outdoor, the service life of at least ten years.

    Once an accident, when the car hit to it, by way of rotating, the collision energy is converted into rotational energy, keep the car moving direction and speed, minimizing the incidence of traffic accidents, protect people's personal life if you provide a new kind of road safety. It is especially suitable for installation and application in the tunnel, central isolation belt, sharp bend, complex intersections, etc. It is worth mentioning that the tank also has a strong recovery force, which can be immediately restored even if it is badly hit. Additional rotating bucket of colorful, there are yellow, orange, green, etc., the height of the light reflection effect, have eye capture function, and can cause the driver's attention, reduce accidents, especially to ensure that their night driving safety and rainy day.

    The rotary barrel anti-collision guardrail is especially suitable for the installation and application of the accident-prone areas such as the tunnel entrance, the central isolation belt, the rapid turning zone and the complicated intersection.