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  • Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Highway Guardrail

    The surface of the corrugated guardrail is divided into two forms, hot galvanizing and plastic sprayed . Spray-plastic guardrails are sprayed on the product on the basis of hot galvanizing, which is b... Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Highway Guardrail
  • Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier

    The safety roller barrier adopts "one post with 4 columns", which can effectively prevent the car from passing the barrier and drive out of the road by strengthening the performance and installation o... Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier
The roads in the mountains are mostly built according to the natural geographical conditions, and some are built in the mountains. From the perspective of driving, the following characteristics are generally: 1 LONG AND STEEP SLOPE Some new trunk roads need to climb mountains, and the upper slopes of the frontier are generally more than ten kilometers, with the longest reaching more than 10km. 2.NARROW ROAD AND SHARP TUM Because of the difficulty of building, the cost is much, the road is generally narrower.

The mountaineering highway is the winding mountain or the surrounding mountain water, the winding road zigzag continuous.3.DANGEROUS Some mountain areas in the rainy season mountain flood more, the collapse of mountain collapse, bridge and culvert often occur; Some mountains have glacier and debris flow activities; Some mountains often have weathered rocks rolling toward the road. Therefore, it is very important to build a mountain pass.Corrugated guardrail is a kind of continuous composite structure, which has good flexibility and is suitable for mountainous terrain.Corrugated guardrail steel and soft, strong ability to absorb collision energy, has a good line of sight induction function, can be in harmony with the road alignment, beautiful shape, can be used in the small radius curve, easy to replace the damaged. 

Some villages are built in the mountains, and many of them are connected to the rural roads in the mountains and mountains. The elevation is high, and there are many dangerous roads in the water near the cliff. The construction of security projects is related to the safety of people in mountainous areas. Road protection engineering facing complex is located in the mountainous landscape with many difficulties, long highways, a difficult task, money is tight, and other difficulties, the emergence of the waveform guardrail ensures that the whole rural highway security engineering construction successively built, greatly improving the capacity of rural road traffic safety, from the source to eliminate potential safety hazard, let the mountain people driving safeguard.